A Secured Loan For Lifes' Little Extras

A secured loan can help ease the way or pay for something special.

Have you got a lifelong ambition to purchase something of value that’s been the object of your desire for ages?

Or perhaps you want to raise capital to settle outstanding debts, make some home improvements or pay down a tax bill.

Whatever your reason for considering a secured loan, please talk to us first.

This is because if you make multiple applications for a loan due to one or more lenders turning you down, your credit rating could be put at risk. Each time you apply for a loan your name is searched and the more searches against your name by credit referencing agencies – the likelihood of your credit rating suffering increases.

We can help avoid this from happening. At TL Financial Solutions we will place your application with a lender only after we are totally satisfied that your requirements and circumstances will meet with their lending criteria.

“Think carefully before securing other debts against your home. Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage” 

A big advantage of dealing with us is we are independent. And for you that means we can access a wide range of lenders and find highly competitive secured loan rates.

Don’t make costly mistakes or risk reducing your credit rating.

By getting in touch with us we can save you precious time and money and the possible fall out from having too many searches against your name.

Secured Loans